4 Great Hairstyles with Hair Wax and Hair Clay for Any Rainy Day

The rainy days can become a bummer because it doesn’t give that much of a wiggle room to play around with, specifically on your outfit and look for the day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative on how to have your hair still looking on point. There are a handful of hairstyles that guys should really keep in their emergency rainy day kit with hair wax and/or hair clay. Here are 4 of them!


The Textured Quiff

Matte and easy, this one is perfect if you’re a guy in a rush because it doesn’t need much fussing around and should only take you 5 minutes tops. It also works best with short to medium length hair. To start, get some hair clay (depending on how thick and long your hair is) and rub it on your palms for even distribution on your hair. Start from the roots to the tips, coating each part of your hair with the hair clay. Then start sweeping your hair from the front to the back without losing height and volume. For the best results, go for the best hair clay in the Philippines – Grips Hair Clay.


Mid-length Waves

The 70’s are slowly taking back its place as the go-to style for the gents. For the bros who are sporting mid-length haircuts that only require minimal styling with maximum impact, this is perfect for you. The only parts you need to put product on are the bangs and the top since the rest needs to flow naturally and should move when you do. Go for a loose hold hair wax and spread evenly. If you need more hold, you can go for hair clay, too. Simply distribute the product on the parts that need to stay put and you’re done!


Side-parted and Sleek

For guys that do a lot more than what is expected of them, a look that goes from day to night easily is a must! For this classic dapper look, go for something that gives you both the shine and hold you need. You can go for hair gels but it may get disassembled even with only a little moisture. So, for the best results, go for the hair wax that can give you the sleek look while holding on to your hairstyle the whole day. To achieve this look, locate your natural parting line and comb your hair accordingly. Then apply the product evenly. With a wide-tooth or pocket comb, comb the hair in place.


1920’s Post Military

Powerful yet very versatile, on point but requires little to no maintenance, this look is perfect for those guys who like it cropped and classic. The steps are easy. Towel dry your hair and apply hair wax that has great shine and little hold like Grips Hair Wax Hard and Shiny, one of the best hair waxes in the Philippines. With a pocket comb, work your hair backwards, sweeping away from the face.


That’s it! If you’ve got one of these awesome looks and tricks in your arsenal, you’re set to conquer your day. Also, before you step out, spray on Grips Body Spray for some extra confidence.


About The Author: Louis L. Bass