Heavy Lifting: Hacks for Lifting Items around Your Home

Heavy Lifting: Hacks for Lifting Items around Your Home

Moving things around your home can be a therapeutic, freeing experience for some. Others might think of it as a necessary evil. There are a number of reasons why you might have to lift or move heavy objects. You could be moving, for example. Feng Shui is a practice some use with the idea it helps regulate the flow of energies around a home. Some people just like moving things around for a fresh look or design.

No matter what your reasoning for moving stuff around the house, one cannot deny how difficult moving heavy appliances can be. You can damage floors or the appliance itself.

To help with this, here are some tips to help with moving heavy appliances and machines around the home. These tips are not “industrial standard,” and are not tips for moving machinery around a factory or workshop. You’ll need heavy duty, professional handling for those jobs. However, these tips can be useful for moving heavy items around your house.

Cardboard Is Your Friend

Heavy Lifting: Hacks for Lifting Items around Your Home

When moving a heavy machine or appliance along the floor, scratches or tears can damage your floor and/or your appliance. To help prevent this from happening, lay down a large piece of cardboard. If you’re feeling “fancy,” place a large piece of particle board on the floor in front of the appliance. Push the appliance so it slides onto the board, and voila! You can now push your stove/fridge/washer without fear of scratching the floor, or your appliances.

Get a Friend to Help

Heavy Lifting: Hacks for Lifting Items around Your Home

It’s not advisable to move heavy items around the house without some form of help. Who knows what could happen if you decide to move that baby grand by yourself? What if you drop something heavy on your foot — or worse, a large item tips and falls on you. If your friends are hesitant to help, bribe them with pizza. Or offer to return the favour when they have a big project.

If you need to move a fridge or dishwasher outside, you can run two heavy straps underneath the appliance and around your waists. The sling helps focus the weight of the object onto your hips instead of your backs, and the both of you can move it with less difficulty. Do not lift with your back. Use your leg muscles to avoid injury.

Extra Tips and Tricks

When moving special appliances and machines around your home, always read the manual or instructions for each item. If the manuals say not to lay the appliance on its side, follow instructions. You might damage the inner mechanisms and break your appliance. These manuals also mention possible risks to your appliance if handled improperly.

Heavy Lifting: Hacks for Lifting Items around Your Home

When in doubt, call a professional mover. It may seem simple to move heavy objects around the house by yourself and the help of some friends. When you discover none of you really know what you’re doing, you might be faced with frustration and cost of replacing those appliances. If you’re unsure whether you can handle the load, seek the help of professionals. It’s much better to pay the cost for expert help and save your belongings from harm, than pay the cost of medical bills.


About The Author: Louis L. Bass