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Hacks to keep you away from psychological disorders

What started all the problems?

PsychotherapyA psychologist in Toronto will tell you anxiety is a condition of the mind which is caused by seeing certain things the way you were taught to see them. They become the software your brain uses in your subconscious that tells you negative thoughts that you soon believe. These then affect the chemical reactions in your body when these situations come up. Your brain reacts which causes anxiety which can lead to depression. Your brain reacts as if it is a physical problem when in actuality it is a mental one. These negative thoughts continue to run in the back of your mind and soon your brain subconsciously convinces you they are true. They cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, and other mental problems. Psychotherapy in Toronto will teach you that every time you think about something, make a decision, or have feelings about something, these subconscious thoughts come up. After a while, these thoughts take their toll, even though we don’t realize it. Help yourself by using hacks.

Here are some alternatives (hacks) to change this from happening. 

1) Train yourself to stop the moment you start having anxious feelings and anxiety. 

anxious feelingsYou aren’t having anxious feelings, you are having anxious thoughts and there is a major difference. The difference is night and day, feelings are treated by chemicals and thoughts are handled by thinking positively. Psychotherapy in Toronto will tell you that your subconscious controls your thoughts and forms your personality and was developed when you were in your childhood and thinks in a childlike way. So when you say “Gosh, why can’t I get a break” and your childish mind responds with “Oh! She is tired, she must need a break, I will turn everything on high so everything gets done quickly so she and I can get a break together.” Suddenly your heart races into high gear, your body tenses, you are tired, you are hyper-ventilating, and you have a panic-attack. This pattern repeats itself enough that you give up on life completely and go into a depression. All because you’re subconscious has low intelligence and your mind is telling it confusing information. These thoughts enter your subconscious and get interpreted incorrectly. You must reverse it and change the change way your mind talks to yourself.

2) First, know that your anxiety is caused by feelings or chemicals.

subconscious thoughtsYou’re causing it, through your subconscious thoughts. A psychologist in Toronto says to stop and think, what were you just thinking? (you might want to write it down) “I’ll always be miserable at this job” this is an exaggeration, but your subconscious doesn’t know it. It interprets this as literally true and kicks in all the wrong reactions in your body. The hack here is you must get your mind to say what you mean, not the exaggerated things you usually think so that your subconscious mind hears the right messages. Stop yourself when you are thinking exaggerated thoughts and say the true statement instead so that your childish subconscious mind hears the correct messages. When you hear yourself thinking something negative or extreme, stop and ask yourself “is that really true?” Instead say what the truth is really. Don’t say “I’ll never get this done” instead say “this is going to take me longer than I thought,” instead tell yourself “it’s not like this every time I do something, some days I can do things in the time I thought, but this time I won’t be able to.” Train yourself to state the facts as they actually are. That way things don’t affect you in an extreme way, look at it like a minor inconvenience, not a life altering event.

3) Do you find yourself jumping to conclusions without real evidence? 

conclusionsAre you basing things on some past experiences? Do you tend to avoid social situations because of a few awkward experiences in your past? Do you subconsciously think “This is going to be another one of those awkward situations again?” The hack to this is to confront yourself and write down a response to the automatic thought that came to your mind: “You do not know what is going to happen. Past experiences do not decide your future experiences. There is not enough evidence to determine how this will go so I must gather more experiences before assuming anything.” If your conscious mind doesn’t listen, your subconscious will be happy to run on false information. Don’t jump to conclusions right before you experience something.

You must realize that you can control your thought process and the way you think. When you are stressed, write down your thoughts, then right down the rebuttals that clear up how those thoughts are tied to your idea of perfection and how it causes you to struggle with your image and self-worth. No one is better or less than anyone else, everyone is the same.


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