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Home Buying Hacks: How to Purchase Your Dream Home

There are few things that can be as stressful as purchasing a new home, especially in today’s economy. The fear of making such a big and potentially long-term decision can be overwhelming. Luckily, a bit of know-how can help; read on for the best ways to choose the perfect home for your needs.

Of course there are many important things about buying a home that are important to consider, but the most vital can be summed up into three major areas to think about: the design, the neighborhood, and the market. Knowing how to pay close attention to these three things can make the difference between a dream home and the stuff of nightmares.

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– The Design

When choosing a home, one of the most obvious things to consider is the design of the house. This factor includes the floor plan and structure, the acreage and size of the property, and cosmetic things such as appliances and fixtures. Many people rely too much on their emotional attachment to a certain style or feel of a house and neglect the more practical design elements such as the floor plan and electrical wiring.

To avoid this common pitfall, make sure to make a list of the things needed before house hunting. For example, if shopping for a large family, make sure to jot down the minimum square footage or number of bedrooms that will still be a comfortable fit. Following this step can help home buyers avoid falling in love with a house that ultimately does not fit their long term needs.


– The Neighborhood

Once the checklist is set and the property itself passes muster, it’s time to review the area. This is the phase in which homeowner’s associations, proximity to work and interests, and surrounding property values take center stage.

Try to take a quick drive around the neighborhood and check out the surrounding area. What is the proximity to school, work, and shopping? What are the social climate of the neighbors? Do some research on the surrounding property values as well as the local housing market; if in Canada try to look for a Mortgage Broker in Kitchener or a Mortgage Agent in Kitchener who can provide more information about the area.


– The Market

The last factor to consider in the buying process is the housing market. This is simply the business side of things, and the having the help of an expert (such as the aforementioned Mortgage Broker in Kitchener or a Mortgage Agent in Kitchener) will be very important.

Considering these three factors when buying a home can make or break the final decision; good luck and choose wisely!


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