How can Regular Tree Service in York Maintenance could Save Your Home

Tree parts broken free by storms regularly snap power lines, break windows, and puncture roofs. A tree service in York can save your home from these disasters as easily as regularly trimming your trees.

You love having greenery around your home, and it contributes a great deal to the beauty of your yard and a healthy living environment. However, trees are a part of nature and your home is an artificial addition, and both require maintenance to live in harmonious coexistence. Here is how a good tree service in York can help to save your home from unanticipated disasters caused by poor tree maintenance.

Location Is Crucial For a Strong Foundation

There is a lot going on under the surface. When you were first planting your trees and bushes, you might have been tempted to locate them close to your house for aesthetic reasons. However, as these plants grow up they also grow down. Interlinking layers of root systems are continuously working their way down under your home. While most housing foundations are very strong and have little to fear from most natural occurrences, roots have a way of slowly conquering even the most solid of man-made objects ranging from concrete sidewalks to brick walls. A timely tree service in York relocating trees and bushes a safe distance from your foundation can help prevent costly repairs and remodels down the line.

Trees Are Homes Too

While you may not have given it much thought, trees are also homes to some of your smallest neighbors. Insects of all varieties take up residence in your trees, and while most are fairly harmless – like aphids and ladybugs – some are more persistent pests. Harmful insects such as wasps and fire ants may be a large concern, but what you really need to worry about is termites. Poorly cared for trees can slowly die and become a home for termites and other burrowing insects, and you can be certain that once they inhabit your tree that the tempting, tasty wood of your home will not be far behind. Having a tree service maintaining trees and keeping them free from diseases goes a long way toward keeping these little guys from moving in.



About The Author: Louis L. Bass