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How Men’s Daily Morning Routine has Evolved

A true gentleman would surely know what we are talking about. From the no frills laid back lover to the sophisticated tapered urban dweller, a man always have some sort of ritual everyday before taking the world by storm, yet again.

Before, most guys would begin with the basics – a good old fashioned toothbrush. But as times change, so have the guys. Now, they begin with a little stretch and curl and push up or two. This gets their blood pumping and warm up before hitting the showers.

Once the water starts running, a simple rub down with a soap would always do the trick. But, now, it also involved exfoliating the skin on their body using a damp face towel and really scrubbing clean. Why not? It allows your body’s dead skin cell to detached and allow the new ones to breathe. But do take caution on this, bros. Too much scrubbing might thin out and irritate your skin and would cause bruising.

Even the hair cleaning regimes have changed. It wasn’t only recently when men were having some of the spotlight when it came to shampoo options since most products in the market are meant for women’s hair. But, with the creation of a whole new formula meant for the dudes, they have also up their game. Even conditioners are slowly being integrated into the routine to provide an extra coat of protection to avoid dust and sun damage.


When regards to their fashion, most guys are taking a more of a sleeker and dapper, sometimes borderline to casual and laid back, as it provides more versatility from morning to night and more room to move.

Gone are the days of baggy jeans and oversized shirts. More and more men right now, no matter where they come from, are slowly investing in key basic pieces like a good pair of perfectly fitting jeans, great semi-formal shoes, t-shirts and even blazers. Though each style vary from man to man, there are still similarities to what they take of the racks at the mall.


Speaking of styling, hairstyles and hair products have also catered the modern and more selective tastes of today’s men. Most would go for jars of hair wax, like those from Grips Wax, because it provides a strong hold without being too greasy, wet and harmful to the hair. Take Grips Wax for example. With the addition of Pro-Vitamin B5, it nourishes the hair with each application, making it a perfect finishing touch to complete the whole look –  the ultimate kick start to an awesome day.

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