Keeping Yourself Safe in the Rainy Season with Rubbing Alcohol

Bacteria and viruses live mostly on damp places because the moisture allows them to breathe and breed. This makes the rainy season a big catalyst to the spread of disease causing germs that cannot only hurt you but also the people you’re surrounded with.


To keep these bad guys at bay, keep yourself safe clean and safe with the good old rubbing alcohol. Choose either isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Though they differ in name and in the formulation, either pick will give you what you need, effectively. But with the huge number of brands that offer their version of rubbing alcohol in the Philippines, it can be tricky to pick which would be the best one for you. There are those who keep it simple and just have the stuff in them. But the incessant use of it can lead to dried skin and, in some cases, irritation. So, choose one that has moisturizers and Vitamin E added to it, like Alcoplus.


Another way is to drink plenty fluids and increase your intake of food rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is proven to strengthen your immune system and minimize the risk of catching a cold and some ailments so add more apples and citrus to your diet – and skip the powdered or bottled ones. Mother Nature does its magic better if you eat it as a fruit. Also, before and after you take your meal, make it a habit of washing your hands, regardless if you’re using utensils to eat or not. Splashing on some rubbing alcohol afterward is also a good measure.


Keeping your body temperature at 37° is also a good way to avoid rainy day blues. Have a raincoat or sweater on standby and add an umbrella to that to keep you dry and warm. The colder your body gets, the easier it is for you to be invaded with bacteria or get a bad fever. If you’re on your way to work and it suddenly rained on you, immediately drink a hot cup of water, coffee, tea, the moment you get to your workplace to regulate your body temperature to avoid getting chills.


There are also some diseases that lurk around the puddles of water that you just accidentally stepped on while you sprint to find the nearest waiting shed. It’s actually a great idea to bring along some rain boots with you in case it rains so your shoes will be spared. And once you get to your office or home, simply wear your shoes again and pack away the boots for another rainy encounter. Bonus tip: before actually wearing anything on your feet again, wash them first with soap and allow them to dry, assuming your office has an area for it. If you don’t, grab some wet wipes and splash a good amount of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol and wipe your feet and let it dry. This kills any germs that smuggled on your feet and also helps avoid smelly feet.


The rain is beautiful to look at from your window, seeing the raindrops trickle on them is very nostalgic and somehow calming. But it can be such a hassle if you’re caught off guard under it so it really pays to be prepared. So, keep a handy foldable umbrella inside your bag and rubbing alcohol for good measure and keep your safe clean!


About The Author: Louis L. Bass