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Three Simple Ideas to keep your Car in Good Running Order

Car Performance is not rocket science. With a few simple instructions, even a novice can master the basics needed to keep his or her vehicle running well for years to come. This blog is aimed at teaching the average joe a thing or two about basic automobile maintenance. Any questions can be directed to car repair in Abbotsford, also known as auto repair Abbotsford. These shops are in the greater Abbotsford, Wisconsin area.

Many people are stubborn when it comes to vehicles. They think simply filling their gas tank with gas will keep their ride on the road for years without a hiccup. Think again, this is not how reality works. There are a ton of other services you must complete to keep your car roadworthy while you own it. Face it, no one likes missing work or school because their auto is down for repairs. All because someone neglected to check their vital fluids, tire tread depth, and tire pressure.

Check all the the fluids vital to the smooth operation of your car

This includes your brake fluid, antifreeze(coolant), motor oil, rear differential fluid, transmission fluid and any other fluid that pertains to the model of vehicle you own. To check the fluid, pull the dipstick out and wipe it with a rag. Now with the clean dipstick, proceed to reinsert the dipstick into the tube you withdrew it from. Remove it a second time and check where the fluid level appears. If the fluid level appears between the hash marks on the dipstick and is not too dark in color, you are set. If the fluid is low you must add some, if it is really dark or dirty, you must do a fluid change.

Check the tread depth of your auto’s tires.

For this check, you need a tread depth gauge, found at any local auto parts store. With this you push a depth gauge into the tires tread and you will get a reading, in 32nds of an inch. To tell without a gauge, one will notice the horizontal rubber “wear bars” in between the tread, if the tread is even or close to the wear bars, it is time to replace. For those lucky enough to have the same size wheels front and back, you can get more mileage out of your tires because you can rotate them. Otherwise, you run the tire until its worn out.

Constantly check your tire’s air pressure.

An air gauge is the proper tool used to check air pressure. Properly inflated tires will be between 32 and 35 psi with some industrial vehicles using upwards of 50 psi. By removing the cap from your valve stem, simple place the gauge over the stem and hold down for a second to get the reading. Tires not within spec will wear unevenly and prematurely. Also, with correct pressure, gas mileage improves.

As previously mentioned, any questions after reading this must be directed to any car repair services in Abbotsford, also known as auto repair in Abbotsford. These shops are in the state of Wisconsin. By improving the knowledge of our drivers, we can ensure the proper operation of our automobiles for years to come.


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