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Your Furnace: Hacking Your Way To Winter Warmth

If you have ever had the heating bill arrive in the winter months and it seemed a bit much you are not alone. Keeping the house warm is obviously the main goal for any homeowner. There are many ways to make your current furnace operate more optimally and save a buck or two while your at it. This will serve as a quick tips guide to helping reduce the heat bill. That is something anyone can appreciate. Lower Bills. The added bonus of your furnace lasting longer and saving even more money is nice as well.

wall seals

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The first and most common sense thing to do for any home is to seal any leaks that you may have in the walls around door jams and window sills. This can be done simply and cost little to do. If you rent, your landlord or property manager may cover the cost if you point it out to them. It only involves caulk and weather stripping (usually one or the other) to handle the job. Any of the furnace installers in London Ontario can easily have this done in a jiffy. Another quick tip to add to this one is to purchase weather controlling drapes to help keep heat in and cold out. (And vice versa.)


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The next and equally important thing to do is have a centrally controlled thermostat installed (if you haven’t already) for maximum control of your indoor temperature. There are an number of quality brands that can be installed by numerous furnace installers in London Ontario. This is a common install and should not take many man hours to complete.


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Another very simple way to warm the home without spending a penny is to open the drapes on sunny days and allow the natural heat of the sun to warm things up. It costs nothing and is a very effective method of heating the house. The sun has a way of doing that I suppose.


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The garage (if you have one) is a huge source of heating issues if it is directly connected to the home itself. If this is the case for your home then be double sure to have it insulated (everywhere) properly. You will be shocked at how much this will actually reduce winter time costs for heating. Again, any furnace installers in London Ontario can do this for you.

wood stove

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If your home is set up for it you can have a wood stove installed and save a ton on heating costs. The other side of the coin here is that you will have to supply the wood. This can be done many ways for little to nothing. It can be great exercise as well if you have land with a good amount of treeline. So if one is inclined, you can benefit in more than one way with this method of heating the home.


These are just some of the ways that you can hack the furnace (bill) into smaller pieces. Happy heating!


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