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3 Amazing Hacks to Keep Garbage to a Minimum

When the garbage starts to pile high and the costs rise with it, what can you do? Luckily, it is easy to find garbage hacks. Whether it is trying to keep things out of the rubbish container or re-purposing something that might have a little life left, there is lots to do.

binWhile there are many hacks out there, here are three simple hacks that even someone with a bin rental in London Ontario can use.

Hack 1: Donate

Instead of upping the cost of your garbage bin rental, take things that still have left (like a shirt that still has the tags but cannot be returned) to a shelter or a thrift shop. Many things that can be used by others are thrown away because they don’t have anywhere to take the items.

Look online for local thrift shops or ask around on social media. If that fails, store the items a little longer and try to sell them online.

Hack 2: Buy with Intent to Use For Long Periods of Time

Use re-usable items. Many plastic water bottles are thrown away (enough to circle the globe over three times) each year. By using a metal or durable plastic water bottle and filling it up from the tap, water bottles are kept out of the bins. Garbage bin rental is high enough, as are recycling rents, and needing more for water bottle take away isn’t necessary.

Along the same line, using fabric totes in the grocery stores is another way to keep garbage rentals down. Even better, taking an old tee shirt that you cannot wear that has a design that you like and turning it into a tote is a great way to combine this hack and the hack above.

Hack 3: Little Packaging

Buy things that have minimum packaging. Bin rental in London Ontario should be efficient. When items are packaged in blister packs and layers upon layers of plastic and paper, it can fill a rental bin faster than you’d think. Buying a simply wrapped item and strategically placing it in a fabric tote (maybe with an old tee shirt as well) can keep a fragile, simply packaged item from breaking or being damaged on the way home.

Clothes fit the minimum packaging bill well because they usually have only a tag or two. Other things that are minimum packaged include bath loofahs, purses, fabric, and hair accessories.

With these three hacks, keeping the garbage in your rental bin low is amazingly easy. These hacks also keep your money in your pocket instead of paying for extra rental bins.


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