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3 Hacks To Help You Remove Trees Safely And Effectively

tree cutting

Before you remove a tree

Removing a tree is not something that should be taken lightly. Highly technical, tree removal is an art. That is, if you wish to have it done properly anyway. After all, trees are heavy stuff, and not everyone is properly equipped to take on the task. Naturally there are recommendations and best practices that dictate how you should go about conducting a tree removal. Following these recommendations and best practices will help the process to be a smoother and lighter one. Below we share three of our best ones.

tree removal

1. Understand the relationship between tree cutting and removal

Although similar, tree cutting and tree removal are completely different tasks. A tree may be cut or trimmed – where the branches are completely removed – but the trunk of the tree remains. The trunk is thereafter removed, usually leaving the stump. As far as tree removal is concerned, the tree is completely removed including the stump. Of course, depending on the size and girth of the tree, some amount of tree cutting may be necessary before the complete tree removal can take place. Cutting the tree first makes the removal a lot more feasible.

2. Find out which is the best season to do your removal, and do it then

Some seasons are better suited to trimming, pruning, and the cutting of trees. The best season for tree cutting is likely to also be the ideal time for tree removal. You can try and schedule your tree removal for this time of year to make things a little easier.

3. Hire the professionals

As stated prior tree removal is not for everyone. It is important to get the assistance of persons who know exactly what it is they are doing. This is where hiring a tree removal Toronto service comes in handy. Not all tree removal Toronto services are created equal and so it helps to pay attention to the following and make comparisons between companies where necessary:

  • credentials indicating that the company is registered and certified with the relevant tree care associations and governing bodies.
  • updated documents speaking to the company’s insurance coverage and work permit allowances
  • transparency (does the company provide you with a list of references you can double check, as well as information pertaining to how they carry out tree removals)
  • budgetary estimates allow you to know what your costs are likely to be and can serve as a good point of reference when you begin doing checks and comparing tree removal Toronto services
  • equipment being used to complete the job will vary from one tree removal job to the next. Ensure that the right equipment is being used for yours


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