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3 Quick tips to relaxation at home without breaking the bank!

If there’s one thing we all know to be true, it’s that life can be hectic. Between work, school, kids, project deadlines, pets needing attention, vehicles needing repair; whatever it is, we have a tendency to allow ourselves to become overwhelmed and stressed out and the results can be unhealthy. Taking it’s toll, stress can not only make you emotionally, but physically ill and at times – you may feel like it’s impossible to rid yourself of the heavy burden you’re carrying. The secret is to realize that while you may not be able to rid the actual causes of stress immediately, there are tons of little tips and tricks you can do in your own home, COST FREE, that will not only elevate your mood, but drastically alleviate the feelings of stress!

Relaxation Based Breathing


4-7-8 breathing also known as square breathing. In this practice you breathe in slowly through your nose for the count of four seconds, hold your inhale for seven seconds and exhale for eight seconds. Continue to breathe like this 4 to 5 times while sitting in a quiet environment. You’ll feel yourself feeling calmed and relaxed as your heart rate slows and your brain sends similar electro waves throughout your body as it does when you’re falling asleep; resulting in feeling calmed and relaxed within just a few minutes.


Do something you have control over!


Use this as a distraction tactic. Take fifteen minutes to de-stress and stop worrying about the current task on hand and focus on something you CAN control. Cook a meal you know you can master, paint a picture, go on a walk, just do something you enjoy and feel yourself instantly more relaxed when returning to your current project.


Lists! Make lists


Having organization will help you put everything you need to accomplish in front of you and give you an easy sense of accomplishment by being able to check off things as they are completed. Getting things onto paper will help get them out of your head, ultimately making things feel less chaotic for you.


You’ll find that just by making a few small tweaks in your routine, you can dramatically decrease the levels of stress and unhappiness in your every day life! While being able to relax at home is amazing, keep in mind that sometimes we all deserve a treat! Massage therapy in North York is a great place to start looking. Through Massage therapy you’ll be able to relieve your body of toxins, tension, stress and discomfort all while in a relaxing environment. No matter what your method is, whether it’s massage, breathing techniques , exercise, hobbies – find what works best for you and utilize it. You’ll find yourself living a much happier, healthier and stable life, and who wouldn’t want that?



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