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3 Super-Easy Storage Hacks to Simplify Your Life

We’re all so busy these days that it has become the norm to have clutter crowding in. And it isn’t just annoying, it can become a distraction that takes up precious time you could be using to just relax and unwind.


Self-storage is great for spring cleaning, moving or renovating and self-storage Toronto is perfect for those large organizing jobs. But for the little clutter annoyances, we’ve got 3 super-easy storage hacks that you might not of heard about before.

See what you think of these ideas!
• Measure the dimensions you need before going shopping. When you want to use the extra space under beds or in closets, measure the dimensions. You can save them in your phone for reference when you’re shopping for pre-made bins or boxes.

Also take a measuring tape with you, because many times the product measurements won’t include heights with wheels or lids. Measuring the actual samples can save you from the hassle and headache of returns.
cable management
• Easily manage your cables. Every home and nearly every room has cable issues with the technology we use daily. Computer cables, stereo cables and even lamp lines get tangled together, tripped over or even get damaged.

A ‘camouflage’ box from a discount shop is great for streamlining your cables. You can use desk clamps or even Legos (the figures’ hands are good cable-grabbers) for individual tech cables, and Velcro for keeping kitchen cables out of the way like kettles, coffee pots and blenders.
• Use pegboards for easy storage all over the house. Pegboards are ideal for a lot of storage purposes, because they’re easy to put up and you can add as many hooks as you need.

They’re great for kitchen utensils or hanging spice racks; organizing your jewelry; or even making a storage box you can fill, with hooks on the outside for extras. As an example, you can store wrapping paper in the box and have scissors, ribbons, tape and bows hanging on the outside as a time-saver for wrapping gifts.
wine racks
• A bonus storage tip: wine racks are wonderful for storage. They’re easy to find a use for and are built to be discreet.

You can place empty cups on the racks and fill them with art or craft supplies; hang one in the garage for holding rags, gloves and ropes; or have one in the bathroom for towels.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 3+ super-easy storage hacks. At self-storage Toronto, we understand the relaxation organized storage brings. Have you tried any of these? Are there any hacks you love that you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below! We always love finding a new storage hack!


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