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3 Trade Show Hacks for A better Booth Experience

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What are trade shows?

Generally, trade shows serve as an exhibition for new companies to showcase their products and display their uses. Most trade shows are not open to the general public and are only attended by company representatives and the press. Usually, trade shows are industry specific; therefore, the products showcased tend to be attracting a similar market. Trade shows are managed by trade associations and there are thousands of associations running shows every year. Exhibiting at a trade show is a wonderful way to gain customers for your business. One requirement for taking part in a trade show is the use of a trade show display. Trade show displays in Toronto or pop up displays in Toronto are a popular source for good trade show material.

Hack 1 – One of the most frustrating experiences for trade show participants are the extra cost for things that you could bring yourself. Therefore, bring everything you can anticipate needing for the show. These include food, water, chairs, whatever props or ideas to make the experience more personable for your product or idea. It’s always best to have everything with you and not source from the context of the show in order to save on costs. For example, sandwiches could be as expensive as $20 dollars.

pop up display
Hack 2 – Another good asset for trade show displays in Toronto or pop up displays in Toronto are their extreme ease of assembly. If you are going shell out the cash for a display, make sure it is fast and easy to assemble. This is important especially because the people who are helping you set up, are also going to be charging you per hour.

Hack 3 – Internet connection as an important asset in the context of a trade fair. You are showcasing a new product and creating a client base whom could potentially later distribute your product to a wider variety of clients. Therefore, I suggest you invest in a smartphone with internet or your own mobile hot spot for all customer transactions. This all depends on how many trade shows you plan on frequenting.

The aforementioned three bullet points are to serve you in your journey towards successfully launching a new product or service in the trade show atmosphere. Once again, trade shows are abundant, there are thousands annually and they all present opportunities for your business. One of the most important business philosophies are cutting costs, so do your homework. Don’t do things because you think they are expected of you, do the minimum requirements that will create the largest return on investment. Be smart and you will create a successful environment with less stress. Good luck!


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