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3 useful ways of keeping air at home clean

Since a majority of people is nowadays spending almost 90% of their time indoors, the air quality both at home and work, is highly important. In worst case scenarios, air indoors can be much worse in quality than outdoors. Those situations should be avoided at any cost.


Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of asthma, some allergies, respiratory problems, headaches, colds, flu, irritations, and also cause other damaging effects to our body. Keeping the air clean has now become a much bigger challenge, since there are more pollutants out there than ever. Here are some life hacks to keep the air in your house fresh.


Smoking indoors should be forbidden-No exceptions!

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Smoking itself is bad and causes damage to the smoker, but second hand smoking can be much worse. It can affect children, elderly, anyone around. The bad habit of lighting a cigarette should be moved outdoors, for example, to the balcony area, for bigger comfort.


Ventilate, and Hyperventilate your home!


If it’s not too cold open your windows, let the air in. If it is too cold outside that might not be the best solution! In any case, it is not the best way of dealing with polluted air indoors. Trickle ventilation can be used for most windows which is an effective way of letting the fresh air in but keeping the pollutant out.


Keep your Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier clean!

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Air conditioners and dehumidifiers should be checked and cleaned regularly. The filters should be changed, preferably at spring time. By doing this you make your appliances more efficient in removing pollutants such as pollen or other dust particles. Dirty filters can cause or encourage asthma and other respiratory problems.


One of the leading suppliers of both Commercial & Industrial Air Filtration Systems and Dust Collection Equipment is INDUSTRY AIR SALES LTD., located in Brampton, Ontario. It is a company with over 50 years of filtration experience which represents many top-level manufacturers in this industry. They offer to partner with their customers or they can be full project managers and offer a complete solution for you.


In order to achieve and maintain healthier and more productive workplace every company should consider ways of removing contaminants from its manufacturing facilities. Industry Air Sales Ltd. offers dust collectors in Ontario, designed for achieving thorough air filtration and saving energy costs. Dust Collectors in Ontario, along with other add-ons and services comprise a complete package that can keep your production pollutant-free.


Industry Air Sales Ltd has figured out a way of decreasing higher prices of producing electricity in power plants during the hottest seasons. Gas Turbine Filters in Ontario have improved the performance of gas turbines and increased the power output during the peak period of demand. Gas turbine Filters in Ontario have provided those extra kilowatts, lowered the cost and helped achieve higher efficiency of gas turbines.


By successfully overcoming major environmental challenges and by continuously creating innovative solutions, Industry Air Sales Ltd has climbed to the top and remained a true leader of air filtration industry.


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