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4 Homeowner Tips for Choosing Fences in Mississauga

fences in Mississauga

There are a lot of fences that Mississauga homeowners can choose from. And there are also contractors who can install it for them.

If you’re a homeowner considering fence styles and materials, you have many choices, but sometimes that just leads to more hesitation in making a decision. Here’s a breakdown of the main questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Which material will best suit my lifestyle? Aluminum and vinyl fences in Mississauga are pricier, but the trade off is that they require minimal cleaning to maintain. On the other hand, pressure treated pine fencing requires diligent cleaning and sealing to keep up but is more affordable. If you are a weekend project lover, a wooden fence might be your best option. If you’re a homeowner with a very busy lifestyle, painting a fence on your free Saturday is probably not going to make your to-do list, and you should opt for vinyl or metal ones.
  1. Which style will best suit my neighborhood? You can either choose to standout or blend in with this one and even take a cue from your home style. Rustic split log fences look out of place in most subdivisions though they can be appropriate with some ranch style homes. Regardless of whether neighborhood rules allow it, you should not place tall fencing near the front of your property. Think of the appearance of bars on a window; tall fences at the front of properties have the same look.
  1. Which fence will fit my budget? You may not be aware but the cost of having a fence installed is affected not only by its type but also by the shape of the area fenced, post options and gate options. If you find yourself leaning towards a fence outside your budget, ask your contractor for fences in Mississauga about ways to simplify the project and squeeze out more value.
  1. Finally, make a list of the fence functions. Do you have a pet or plan to get one? Do you have children? Are you hoping to improve the value of your property or its appearance? Are you screening out undesirable views? Make sure to keep your notes at hand when talking to the contractors. By discussing these functions, you’ll recognize the best choice for your particular home.

Fencing is a tough decision. It’s a long term project, much like renovating a kitchen, so it’s well worth the effort put into choosing the right fence. Once it’s installed, however, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years.


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