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5 Toothache Hacks You Need to Know

Toothaches can produce some of the worst pain possible, leaving even the strongest person incapacitated until it passes. And while going to a dental clinic in London Ontario can help you identify the pain quickly, that may not be an immediate option. Fortunately you’re not left with simply dealing with the pain, as there are many toothache hacks you can take advantage of! So forget about an immediate tooth extraction in London Ontario and use the hacks listed below to help you soothe the pain right away.

Raw Potato 


Grab a raw potato, wash it off and cut it in slices. Place one of those slices on your sore tooth and the pain should disappear. This is effective because raw potatoes contain acids that can help drain the infection that’s causing pain.

Baking Soda 

baking soda
Take baking soda and pack it onto the aching area in your mouth. After a few minutes the pain should start subsiding so you feel relief. Another option is to use baking soda and water to make a mouth wash, simply swishing every few minutes to keep the pain at bay.

Clove Oil
clove oil
Clove oil is a powerful numbing solution that can eliminate dental pain. However, make sure you are careful with this, because it can sting when it’s used in the wrong manner. To properly use this, dip a cotton swap into the clove oil and place it directly on the aching area. In minutes this should leave the area numb.

Vanilla Extract

vanilla extract

Good for more than just baking, vanilla extract can numb the pain caused by your toothache. The easiest way to use this is by dipping a cotton ball in the vanilla and then placing it against the tooth until the pain subsides. This won’t taste pleasant, but that’s likely something you won’t mind because it works so well.

Ginger and Cayenne Bread


Although it sounds odd, putting a paste made of ginger, cayenne and water on top of a piece of bread may help reduce your tooth pain. Not only are these spices natural painkillers because of the capsaicin in them, but the bread helps draw out toxins and infections. Leave this on your tooth for a few minutes and the pain should reduce considerably.

If you dread having a tooth extraction in London Ontario and just want immediate relief, these toothache hacks can help you out. However, it’s important to remember that there’s no substitute for a trained dentist. You should make it a priority to make an appointment with a dental clinic in London Ontario so you can resolve the problem behind the ache and enjoy a pain-free future.


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