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6 Hacks To Healthy Trees

There are several ways you can help keep your trees healthy. Some ways to have healthy trees you can do yourself, but other times you may want tree service professionals in Bradford to do it.

tree staking
When you first plant or transplant a tree, you should stake it. Staking a tree when it is young can help it to grow a strong trunk and root system. You should never put more stakes around a growing tree than what it needs to grow. Putting too many stakes can make the growing tree rely too much on the stakes. If you need help or have questions about staking a tree the people at Tree Service in Bradford can assist you.

transplanting trees
If you are getting a tree from a nursery or rearranging your existing trees in your yard, there are some things you need to be aware of. The smaller the tree the easier it will be to transplant, whether it is one you bought or one already in your yard. If there is a large tree in your yard you want transplanted to a different part of your yard, you can get the help of a tree service professional.


Before you grow or transplant a tree in your yard, you will want to make sure you place it in an area it has enough room to grow. If trees are placed too close to each other, their roots won’t have the proper space to grow. Also if trees are too close they will eventually run into each other when they get taller.

After you have planted or transplanted a tree, you should put some type of mulch around it. Mulch can help improve the soil around the growing tree. The materials in mulch can improve the oxygen levels and temperature of the soil around the tree. It also helps keep moisture in the soil by the tree for it to grow.


Another way to help keep your trees healthy is by fertilizing them. Trees need extra nutrients in the soil to help stay strong and to grow. Some professionals recommend fertilizing your trees in the spring and fall.

When trees are growing or when they are maturing, sometimes branches get in the way of other branches growing. At times there will be branches that break off because of storms or strong winds. These two examples are when you should prune your trees. If you need help pruning your trees or do not know how to, you can call a tree pruning professional in Bradford to help you.


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