6 Smart Hacks on Writing an Engaging Essay

Many students dread the task of writing an essay, especially long ones. Whether it is for regular class examination or for a scholarship application, the thought of writing an interesting essay may seem overwhelming. However, students do not need to torment themselves as there are a lot of steps that can help break down the task into easy and manageable parts.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you craft a smart and captivating essay content:

Choose an Interesting Topic

6 Smart Hacks on Writing an Engaging Essay

Starting an essay is often the hardest part. Having a topic in mind can help you get started. Sometimes, the topic is set by your teacher. If you are assigned a topic, think about how you want to present your essay. Should it be general overview or an in-depth analysis?

At other times, you may be given the freedom to choose the topic yourself. This can come with a great advantage. It gives you the option to choose a subject you are familiar with, making the research a lot less time consuming.

However, you may need to justify your purpose for writing about the topic. Is your essay designed to inform or persuade the readers? Once you have identified the purpose, look for an angle that would make your topic of choice interesting and engaging.

Know Your Argument

6 Smart Hacks on Writing an Engaging Essay

Not knowing your argument is often the most common mistake made by many. Knowing the argument will let you determine the direction your essay is going and to ensure that it’s saturated with information and is not all fluff. This makes it an important task to understand the purpose of writing the essay in the first place.

Choose Your Sources Wisely

6 Smart Hacks on Writing an Engaging Essay

Be fastidious when it comes to choosing which sources to use. Although there are a lot of information that you can find on the Internet, a lot of the information could be misleading or outright false. Rely on relevant and current information from trustworthy websites. If your chosen sources are questionable, your entire presentation may just fall apart, and readers may get the wrong impression and idea about your essay.

Good Introduction

A good introduction can make or break the reader’s interest in your essay. You do not need to use flowery words to engage your readers; instead, write a brief, concise summary of the main points you want to present. Also, make sure to clarify the key concepts. One of the most common mistakes is going into a lot of detail only to repeat them in the body. Use short sentences as they provide clarity of thought and purpose.

Write the Body

6 Smart Hacks on Writing an Engaging Essay

The body of the essay should describe the argument and provide explanation. Since your first paragraph is your introduction, the next paragraph should present supporting ideas and/or evidences. Make sure to provide detailed examples in the succeeding paragraphs.

Finish Strong

The conclusion needs to provide closure for your argument, summarize your overall ideas, and provide a final perspective of the topic. Make sure to limit your conclusion to three to five sentences.

However, if those deadlines are approaching, and you are swamped with a ton of things to research and write, you may want to look into getting a little bit of help. There are writing essay services in Calgary and Vancouver that can provide you with quality essays that will impress your teachers and classmates. Do this only as a last resort. After all, there is no greater reward than accomplishing a task yourself.


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