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Air Duct Ottawa: Warm Air and Moisture; A Bad Combination

Your air conditioning through an air duct in Ottawa on a humid summer day causes moisture to build up creating a breeding ground for many types of spores and bacteria.

Even with a high quality air filter the ductwork of your home’s heating and air conditioning system will still need to be cleaned. the filter is not going to get everything and another very important, and obvious factor, is that most people don’t realize is that when your HVAC system is not running and blowing air, anything small enough to squeeze through the spacing of the vents in your home can make an entrance and quickly travel throughout your entire duct system.

This means insects can get inside the ductwork and lay eggs, create waste matter, and break up into pieces when they die as they dry out. All of this will never be impacted by the air filter because this is all going in through a vent and then will eventually come out through a vent.

But wait; it gets worse.

If there is any point or place in your ventilation duct work that has any moisture then any small particles that drift in through the vents and then float along the duct ways will find that moisture and stick there and possibly grow if, for example, it is a spore from a mold or a fungus.

Remember that in the winter your HVAC system is moving nice warm air perfect for any life form such as mold or a fungus. In the summer, when the ‘Air Conditioning’ aspect is running cold air through the ductwork of your home; you need to understand how and why dew is formed on the grass and how fog is created.

You take warm and moist air; think of the heat and humidity on a hot summer’s day, and if it is cooled the air reaches the dew point which simply means the air can no longer hold the amount of water it contains as vapor so this water vapor condenses into tiny drops of water. An air duct and Ottawa with its warm sunny days and cold nights is not a good combination. Ever go out early in the morning and you see your car covered with all those tiny drops of water? That could very well be what the inside of the ductwork in your home may look like at times; a perfect breeding ground for a wide variety of mold and bacteria.

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About The Author: Louis L. Bass