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Basement Waterproofing In Foxboro: A Leaky Basement Makes Your Home Difficult To Sell

Basement WaterproofingWith fears of mold and faulty foundations, a leaky basement makes your home difficult to sell. However, basement waterproofing in Foxboro might be cheaper than you think.

Here are 5 important things you need to know about how a leaky basement will affect your ability to sell your house in the future.

  1. In a damp basement, even with a temperature as low 40 degrees, mold will begin to grow normally creating dark stains that are extremely difficult to clean. Mold will not damage your foundation but it is unsightly and a lot of people are worried about spores from mold and different types of fungus with the spread of certain horror stories
  1. If the leaks in your basement continue to allow water in; the structural integrity of your home’s foundation can be called into question when selling your house. This is why basement waterproofing in Foxboro is so important; the free and thaw cycle of the groundwater will eventually lead to cracking of the foundation.
  1. The ethical guidelines for ‘Full Disclosure’ when selling your home are becoming more and more detailed and if a buyer feels that have been mislead and lied to, they could personally sue you. Even if they don’t win, you’ll spend time, energy and money defending yourself.
  1. If a buyer feels they have been mislead, they will often sue the real estate agent, or agents, involved in the selling of you house.
  1. With real estate lawsuits on the rise and the continued additions to ‘Full Disclosure;’ a leaky basement will usually end up with a good real estate agent refusing to show your home due to the increased liability they face.

Many times getting your basement water proofed does not require digging up all around your house to expose the exterior walls of your foundation. The solution can be done from inside your basement working only with the interior face of the basement walls and possibly the basement floor as well. Get a company specializing in basement waterproofing in Foxboro, like Wet Tek, to get more information on the different methods used to waterproof your basement from the inside.


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