Telltale Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

Whenever a problem arises with a car, there are usually a few signs that can alert you so you can fix it before it becomes too serious. For some systems, like the exhaust, these symptoms can become obvious fairly early, allowing you to prevent accidents before the problem starts interfering with your ability to drive.

To avoid any costly damage and potential injury, keep an eye out for these symptoms to nip your exhaust problems in the bud.

● Visible Checks

Telltale Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

The most obvious sign of any exhaust problem is excessive smoke emitting from the exhaust pipe. This points to the exhaust becoming less efficient over time. Also be on the lookout for heavy rusting or holes on the pipe. In case of any damage to the pipe (e.g. holes or split pipes), take the car in for repairs.

● Noisy Engine

Telltale Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

Pay attention to strange engine noises, particularly hissing or rumbling sounds. You may catch these sounds when starting the engine or accelerating. If you have to turn your stereo volume higher, that can also be due to increased engine volume. These sounds can point to a lean in the engine manifold, which can let fumes enter the passenger cabin.

● Reduced engine power and efficiency

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Exhaust problems also affect your engine’s performance. Damage to the system (especially leaks) reduces the amount of power the engine produces and affects how well the car accelerates. Forcing the engine to work harder also forces it to use more fuel. Eventually, you will notice the additional costs of buying more gasoline if the problem isn’t rectified.

● Burning smell

Telltale Signs of Car Exhaust ProblemsGases released by exhaust leaks can burn engine wiring and plastic parts under the hood, releasing a burning smell. The smell can also be accompanied by smoke coming from the engine. Have the engine checked when these signs occur to check for potential safety hazards. Avoid waiting to see smoke; have a mechanic take a look at the car whenever you find any unusual smells coming from the engine.

● Smell of gas

Damaged exhaust pipes and tubes can start leaking, which releases gasoline fumes into the car’s cabin. The smell of gas is quite strong; detecting gas leaks should be fairly easy when it happens. It’s especially important to have gas leaks investigated immediately. Aside from being a fire hazard, leaking gasoline also compromises the fuel efficiency of the engine and costs you more in gas money.

● Hanging exhaust pipe

Telltale Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

A dragging exhaust pipe can be an immediate danger to you and other drivers. If it falls off, it can it other cars on the road and cause an accident. Damaged pipes can also leak, costing you more fuel efficiency when driving.

● Vibrations

Telltale Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

Strange vibrations in the steering wheel or gas pedal are strong signs of an exhaust leak. If the leak is severe enough, the vibrations can be felt all over the car. Vibrations are more than an issue with the car’s health, however. They can make controlling the car difficult, which can make driving hazardous to yourself and other drivers on the road.

To avoid receiving an order of notice in Abbotsford, bring your car in for repairs when you spot any of these signs. Regular maintenance is a must to keep your car going for as long as possible, and to avoid any costly accidents on the road.


About The Author: Louis L. Bass