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Don’t Let Your Drainage System in Ontario Sink You

drainage system_1For farmers that would rather not wake up to find a lake where their fields used to be, installing a tile drainage system Ontario specializes in will provide more than soggy fields.

For farmers, especially during wet years, the need for an up-to-date drainage system in Ontario quickly becomes apparent. If water stands in the field after a thaw or rain, crops rot. Additionally, the more water that collects the more likely homeowners will end up with a lake in their yard if not in their houses. One of the up-and-coming things that is proving to be highly effective in rural areas is a tile drainage system Ontario specializes in and it’s coming with some unexpected perks.

Farmers checking their fields after having a tile drainage system installed have discovered that crop yields are higher over tile lines with the lowest yields between lines. It turns out the structure of the drains provide mellower soil, good agronomic conditions, less soil erosion, less runoff, less compaction and, because they aren’t spending their time draining fields, earlier harvests. Tile drainage systems also helped during droughts because they encouraged plants to develop deeper, more vigorous roots.

Due to the demand of installing the new system, some farmers have attempted to do it on their own with a pull-behind tile plow they attached to their tractors. What they found, however, was that planning an efficient system, maintaining grade and depth control were difficult to achieve. Additionally, someone had to make connections to the main. The upshot was that without accuracy the system would not function effectively.

Tile lines are dependent on the type of soil, soil texture and structure, soil permeability, terrain, topography and other factors that determine the speed at which water seeps through the ground. As such, specialists installing the tile drainage system in Ontario has embraced should be contacted in order to evaluate the cost and feasibility of installing such a system in any field that can quickly turn into a bog after successive days of rain. Although having a lake at one’s backdoor may be beautiful, if the space should be growing crops an updated drainage system may be in order.


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