Easy Tips to do the “Quiff” Right: A Men’s Hair Styling Guide

Have you ever heard of the “Quiff”?

Regarded as the most iconic of men’s hairstyles ever invented, the Quiff has never been out of fashion since the time it became a fad. First seen during the 1950s as a reaction to the military buzz cut, it quickly rose to fame thanks to its rebellious style and its adherence to the prominence of rock ‘n’ roll. Described by stylists as a cut that “screams of confidence,” this hairdo definitely allows any man to stand out and immediately get noticed.

The typical Quiff has been sported by some of the world’s hottest and most famous men over generations. Ever heard of James Dean, Elvis Presley, Bruno Mars, or David Beckham? They all have been representing the said hairstyle in their respective eras and circles, proving that it’s more than just a fad.

The typical Quiff is done by piling the hair upwards, and since the hair has the natural tendency to flop in different directions, it requires constant care and attention. And yes, the act of combing the hair back to its style has become some sort of a move of seduction.

But how do you do the Quiff? Below are highly essential tips to consider:

  1. Choosing the Quiff Style

Well, there are many different types of Quiff, although these all boil down to specific factors, such as the shape and structure of the face. If you want to elongate a round face, then this is the best style to follow. But of course, there are up-dos for every face shape, so don’t fret.

You may want to observe caution if you have a thin face, as the higher the hair, the more angular your face will look. The same caution applies to guys with larger ears, as this style tends to emphasize the hair on top, leaving more space on the sides.

While the Quiff works for most hair types, it is not recommended to those with frizzy and curly locks. The movement of the hair creates more volume and texture, making the mane difficult to maintain.

  1. Choosing a Quiff Variant

Over the years, the Quiff has evolved to different sub-types, and below are the ones that became the most popular:

  • Classic Quiff –this cut shows short hair on the back and the sides, while the top has longer locks that are brushed upward and then to one side. You may brush the hair to one side, then add volume by combing. To set this style, finish the hair with a traditional pomade or hair wax, such as Grips Wax.
  • Rockabilly Quiff –while similar to the classic type, this Quiff has a higher brushed up mane on top, with more fringe on the sides and a more disconnected part. Just picture the likes of James Dean or Zayn Malik as they are the ones who have been big fans of the said style.
  • Undercut Quiff –this is an edgier take on the classic style, but at the same time, the undercut Quiff maintains that cut’s signature vintage feel. This style works best when there is a lot of hair on top that can be slicked back; do note however that the longer the hair, the more time it will take to style up.
  1. The tools.

Lastly, when you opt for a Quiff, you should have some tools ready, as it will never work by simple hand styling alone. You need a comb, a brush, a styling agent such as Grips Wax, and a blow dryer to speed up the setting process. With these items at hand, you can easily do the Quiff anytime, anywhere.


About The Author: Louis L. Bass