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Enjoy the fire, clean the chimney

The roaring, crackling fire always satisfies the senses. But the chimney needs a lot of love and care.


Taking good care of the chimney


It’s not wise to just continuously build fire after fire and just scraping out the ashes; there might be a buildup and catch a fire in the chimney and spread through the remainder of the house.


Cleaning the fireplace is not a very intricate process. It’s the chimney that will be a little more difficult and will definitely get you dirty. In most cases, it’s a job that can be done yourself with no need to get professional help.


It’s a good idea to hire a professional cleaner the first time, so you can watch and ask questions especially if you haven’t done it before. The folks I know usually get the chimney cleaning services in Ottawa because they are experts on this. Sometimes there are cases when the job really needs a professional who has all the tools and knowledge to do the job.


To clean the chimney from the roof, you need to be physically strong, unmindful of a little dirt, and not afraid of heights. If you are not any of this, just pay for a professional help as it might cost you more in the long run.


Chimney Cleaning Tools


Cleaning the chimney is impossible without the proper tools. If you get the chimney cleaning services in Ottawa, they will come with the complete gear and tools. If you are doing it yourself, be ready with the following:


• Chimney-sweeping brushes
• Extendable rods and ropes
• Plastic sheeting and drop cloths
• Ladder (optional)
• Protective gear
• Face mask and eye protection
• Long pants, long shirtsleeves and heavy gloves


Chimney Cleaning Procedures


Cover the front of the fireplace to protect the floor around the hearth and the furniture. Put more materials from the front door of the house on the way to the fireplace, to protect the floors when workers walk in and out.


emove the spark catcher to allow complete access to the chimney. Fireplace doors may also be removed to protect them and at the same time make more way.


Extend a brush at the end of a rod down the chimney in a churning motion. When it reaches the bottom, reverse the direction and churn again to the top of the chimney. Inspect the brush for the presence of soot. Repeat the process until no more soot appears in the brush.


You can do your own cleaning with the help of another person by using a brush tied on both ends. Grab the rope from the roof while your helper grabs it from the inside of the fireplace. Pull the ropes back and forth and let the brush scrub the flue.


Who said it was easy to clean the chimney? Next time, take the easy way out and get the chimney cleaning services in Ottawa. You can enjoy your fires more with your friends!


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