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I Hate Cleaning – Awesome Carpet Cleaning Hacks

I Hate Cleaning

I hate cleaning! So, if there is a quick and easy way to make the house look spotless without spending hours cleaning I will know about it. Take Carpet Cleaning in Brampton, whether the dog pees, the husband spills his coffee, your child drops a bowl of spaghetti or dumps the sand out of his shoes it doesn’t matter. This is the rug the baby crawls on, and your children and husband roll around and play on – so it must be clean!

carpet cleaning

Even when office cleaning in Brampton the carpet is a magnetic for every stain imaginable, and since how the carpet looks also sets the tone for the professionalism of the office it must be clean of stains at all times. Even if that means cleaning up after a messy boss or inconsiderate client.

My Favorite Hacks

My favorite hacks that are all things carpet cleaning include:

  • The dog has an accident on the carpet, use equal parts white vinegar and water and spray all over the affected area. Let dry and vacuum. Then sprinkle baking soda on stain and gently brush a small amount of plain dish soap with a half cup of peroxide into the area. Let dry and vacuum.
  • To eliminate those coffee stains, cold water is the magic ingredient. Use a small amount of clear dish soap with cold water and blot with towel until stain disappears.
  • For a fresher smelling and looking rug, if you have an area rug nothing beats leaving it outside on a dry night (although, this also defeats the purpose of quick and easy cleaning). But for wall-to-wall carpeting (or just to save time) make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray over entire rug about an hour before vacuuming, and then vacuum as normal (your vacuum cleaner will also smell fresher). No need to spend tons of your hard earned cash on special deodorizers when normal household products will work just as well.

When carpet cleaning and office cleaning in Brampton are better and more efficient use of your time allows more for fun activities. When at home, cleaning shouldn’t take away from our precious time with family. And even at the office, time is limited and we find ourselves doing more with less resources. Thus, the last thing we want is to spend more than a minute to clean someone’s coffee or dirt stain out of the office carpet.

Consider using these simple hacks and you will save yourself both time and money!


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