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Should I Install a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

Having a lawn sprinkler system installed in your garden can help your conserve water. Landscape needs water to survive and relying on rain doesn’t always work. With the rising outdoor water use, various homeowners have either limit their lawns and gardens, or search for better alternatives.

Installing an irrigation system for your home can have numerous benefits:

Save Money

Should I Install a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

Did you know that outdoor water use can be as high as 70 percent during summer, or in dry climates? Using too much water in your area means spending tons of cash. You can cut back on your water usage by acquiring Oakville’s Sprinkler System. Most irrigation systems come with weather and soil moisture sensors. The sensors help deliver the right amount of water needed, keeping your lawn from being over-watered and your bills water to a minimum.

Save Time

Should I Install a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

According to Clemson University, the most efficient and beneficial time to water your lawn is early in the morning. A convenient way to take advantage of the early-morning watering is to set a timer. You can install a sprinkler system with WiFi smart timers you can set anywhere. This removes the burden of overseeing your lawn and freeing you to do other tasks at home.

Conserve Water

Should I Install a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

If you want to promote an eco-friendly home, start by using a sprinkler system to conserve water. Proper installation and operation helps deliver just the right amount of water at an adequate rate. This allows better water infiltration, minimising runoff, and ensuring a healthy water supply for future generations. Adding drippers can also help reduce water loss from evaporation.

Improve Lawn Health

Should I Install a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

With the assistance of a watering system, you can maintain a healthier, and more aesthetically appealing yard. It distributes water where you need it to so you don’t have to deal watery sidewalks (which can become slip and fall hazards) and missing turf patches.

Signs of a healthy lawn:

  • Even color range from green to dark-grey green grass
  • When walked on grass blades bounce back instantly
  • Even thatch layer at the soil level
  • Grass blades have fair, even thickness

By providing your lawn the hydration it needs without over-watering, you can transform your grass into a lush and attractive landscape for most of the year. You get the balance and consistency that hoses and moveable sprinklers don’t possess.

Have Control

Should I Install a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

You can also use a sprinkler system to water plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and hedges. Get the most out of it while conserving more of your time, adjust the settings of your sprinkler and guarantee that your entire outdoor area is fully watered. If there’s no rainfall, light and frequent irrigation is ideal to ensure the availability of water at germination and early development of plants.

If you’re tired of constantly watching over your lawn and manually moving a hose or a sprinkler in an effort to maintain a healthy yard, you may want to consider installing an automatic sprinkler. A full-service irrigation professional can be a great start for you. Discuss your options with a specialist near you and determine if an irrigation system is the right choice for your lawn.


About The Author: Louis L. Bass