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Simple Hacks For Whiter Teeth

white teethOur teeth endure more than probably any part of our body. That’s because they are used to help consume the nutrients that we need in life. Without them, we literally would struggle to get the sustenance that we need to survive. Our teeth do go through a lot of wear and tear with the food that we eat. There are some choices that people make, however, which further worsen their teeth either by weakening the enamel or making stains. Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and not regularly visiting a dental clinic in Guelph will further add to tooth decay and staining. There are some great teeth whitening hacks that you can do at home until your able to see a dentist in Guelph.

Brush frequently. You probably have heard this before but it is truly the number one secret to getting teeth white. Some people only brush their teeth once or twice a day. brushing teethThat won’t do. Brushing after every meal is very important. That’s because the food can stain teeth. If there’s not toothpaste around, rinsing with water is a good backup plan. It will eliminate the food particles that are resting on the surface of teeth.

Try using baking soda! Baking soda is an item that’s probably in your cupboard right now. baking sodaBrushing with baking soda once a month is a sure way to make teeth sparkle! Simply mix it with water until it’s a toothpaste consistency. Otherwise, you can simply add a little bit to your toothpaste for a little extra whitening effect.

Oil pulling. Oil pulling has been around for years! It has so many benefits, teeth whitening is just one of many. Swish oil such as coconut or sunflower around in your mouth for a short while. It’ll attract all the dirt, particles, and bacteria that are in your mouth. Then, spit it out! You will feel healthier and have whiter teeth.

oil pulling

In conclusion, there are many teeth whitening hacks that you can try! Most of them your can do from home with ingredients that are already in your cupboards! These are tips and tricks that come from places like a dental clinic in Guelph. These are quick and easy ways that can really make your teeth sparkle and shine. Clean teeth means healthy teeth. These whitening hacks have other benefits that go along with them as well. So if you have a little while before your next trip to a dentist in Guelph, try one of these! The dentist will be happy your keeping up with good oral hygiene.

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