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Simple Maintenance Hacks for Your Catch Basins

Catch basins are typically kept underground and serve as a “catcher” for materials that the stormwaters usually bring. These include debris, sediment, and other pollutants found in most streets. Above ground, the only access most people have to their catch basins are the grates where the inflow leads to the underground.

Simple Maintenance Hacks for Your Catch Basins

Ideally, catch basins must be cleaned periodically to keep it working efficiently and to extend its shelf life. While it serves to prevent downstream pipes from clogging, it can also be prone to the same predicament if not properly maintained. Depending on the location of your area, your city may provide catch basins services like one provided by Fort York Paving which specializes in providing thorough cleaning and repair services.

To start, here are some simple maintenance hacks to keep your city’s catch basins running smoothly:

  1. Remove leaves and trash from grates. One of the major causes of flooding are clogged grates since stormwater is not be able to get through the entrance. The usual suspects of these clogs are fallen leaves (in autumn) or regular litter. To lessen the frequency of clogging, consider coordinating with the local community and get your neighborhood to regularly clean the area as a seasonal event, raise money to put up garbage disposals to discourage littering, or put up signs stating the need to have a clean neighborhood.
  2. Don’t pour anything down the drain. Catch basins may collect some pollutants, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a garbage disposal. Keep your waste separated and hand over recyclable items to a recycling centre. Encourage your neighbors to do the same to promote a better community.
  3. Hire a professional contractor. Contacting a professional to do a thorough check-up and carry out repair work (if necessary) can do wonders for your neighborhood. Take advantage of the full range of services they have available and remember to ask for any additional maintenance tips that you or your neighbours can do yourselves. Follow the guidelines that your hired experts have set and encourage others to do the same.

Simple Maintenance Hacks for Your Catch Basins

Since most people’s access to catch basins are only limited to its grates, one of the surefire ways to help you keep your catch basins clean is to advocate awareness on the need to take care of the environment. You don’t necessarily have to be experts, but you can always contribute to making it easier for everyone once you do need to give those catch basins a thorough cleaning.


About The Author: Louis L. Bass