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Simple Ways to Avoid Injury

A sport is any activity performed to amuse one’s self or for the amusement of others. For many people, a popular way to do this is to join some athletic team or a club or even still just get active in the great outdoors. As long as the activity involves some sort of physical action and a degree of skill it is a sport. Just to make it fun, a lot of team-oriented sporting activities throw in a degree of competition or record keeping.

Types of Injuries to Avoid

injuryOf course with any vigorous or competitive activity there are going to be minor scrapes, bruises or injuries involved. Hopefully, these injuries do not require treatment. Luckily, many sports-related injuries are preventable. Things such as muscle strains, trauma and dehydration are avoidable while still staying actively competitive. Taking steps to prevent injury saves more time than it takes in the long run and even helps performance. The professionals in sports therapy Thornhill can help identify these steps.

How to Avoid Injury

A good way to prevent sports-related injuries is to warm up before really getting into a specific physical activity every time. The warm up needs to be suited to the activity. The people that avails massage therapy in Thornhill can help design the right routine for an activity. Certain sports require static warm routines. These static warm ups involve staying in a certain pose for a few seconds. Other sports require dynamic warm up routines where a person needs to move back and forth in a range of motion. Some activities require a blend of static and dynamic warm up routines.

Proper Equipment is Important

Wearing proper equipment is also crucial for preventing sports injuries. Proper equipment needs to be fitted correctly, without damage and not too old to function correctly. If there is a question as to how to wear equipment correctly, seek professional help from experts in sports therapy Thornhill. If worn incorrectly, protective equipment can actually cause injury. Some types of proper protective equipment include helmets, pads and mouth guards. Paying attention to the body’s signs are also a good way to prevent injury. “No pain, no gain” does apply in sports but it should be with moderation.

sports injury

Take it Slow

Another good way to prevent sports injuries is to ease into the activity desired. Running right out and going full throttle into a sport is a good way to get hurt. The following actions should reduce the chance of suffering a sports related injury.

-exposure to environment over 10-14 days
-practice the moves involved with sport over 10-14 days
-gradually increase exposure and practice activity time by a few minutes each day

In the End

Whether a sporting activity involves personal excellence in breaking a record or team work to go for the win, injuries are preventable. When it comes to preventing sports injuries, the massage therapy professionals in Thornhill like PromedX Sports Injury & Wellness Center have strategies to help.


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