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Transmission Maintenance Hacks for Safe Driving

Since the transmission system is an important component in your car’s engine, keeping it in top condition is, no doubt, one of the crucial responsibilities of every car owner. The transmission system is made up of different sophisticated moving parts that keep the car running smoothly and safely. Regular maintenance is required to ensure that all the moving parts remain in good working condition.

Below are some transmission maintenance tips for a healthy car engine:


Transmission Maintenance Hacks for Safe Driving


1. Check the transmission fluid. Dirty, old and a low (or high) level of transmission fluid damages the transmission system. Use a dipstick to check the level and quality of the fluid every month. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in changing the transmission fluid. Clean the dipstick before inserting it into the transmission to check its level. Take note of its colour; darker hue indicates dirty fluid.

2. Service the cooling system regularly. A faulty transmission system usually stems from engine overheating. Get the radiation and cooling system checked by a professional auto specialist to reduce heat buildup and keep the engine operating at a safe temperature.


Transmission Maintenance Hacks for Safe Driving


3. Replace dirty transmission filters. The filters should be replaced with a clean, new one periodically. Before changing the filter, refer to the auto manufacturer’s recommendation. Some car models may require the assistance of an auto specialist when replacing the transmission filter.

4. Have the transmission system serviced every 30,000 miles. Regular checks by a certified and experienced auto specialist ensures the health of your car’s transmission system. Professional servicing includes thorough transmission check-up, changing the fluid and filter, and removing and cleaning the pan.


Transmission Maintenance Hacks for Safe Driving


5. Add an extra filter to the cooler lines. Sometimes, the transmission filter is not enough to trap all the dirt and gunk from permeating into the clean fluid. By placing an additional filter to the cooling line, it helps catch more contaminants and keeps the fluid clean for a longer period of time.

6. Use emergency brakes appropriately. Applying emergency brakes while the car is in reverse or being driven can create additional pressure on the gears. Also, avoid immediate shifting directly from reverse to a drive mode. Allow the gears to rest before going into drive mode.

7. Consider using synthetic transmission fluid. The use of synthetic transmission fluids has become popular among car owners simply because they work better and provide better performance in terms of heat, cold, oxidation, and shearing resistance. It also helps extend the life expectancy of the vehicle transmission system.


Transmission Maintenance Hacks for Safe Driving


If your and Ajax resident and your transmission system is experiencing some problems, make sure to find a reputable auto centre that offers transmission repairs in Ajax. It may cost you some dollars, but this will ensure the health of your car so you can continue driving it for years to come.


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